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Finally, A Good Shopping Experience!!!

So, Friday night I went to JCP to shop for a dress to wear to Wicked with my poor stepson in tow. Talk about a champ. He could have gone home and stayed with my husband, but he chose to go shopping with me instead. And he was a perfect kid the whole time. Not one whine or gripe or complaint out of this kid. I tried on a ton of dresses. Most of the 18s fit ok except for the shoulder and waist part, it was always too big. But I did find one dress I really liked. It wasn't what I wanted to wear to Wicked but I got it for work. And I found a pair of pants on clearance for $10 and a shirt on clearance for $5. The next morning I went to Dress Barn to see if I could find something more appropriate for Wicked. I found a BUNCH of stuff. I'm used to having to try on 50 things and maybe 1 will be a winner. At this place, I tried on 50 things and about 40 were winners. I was pretty amazed. I even had to try on a size 16 in one of the dresses! Woohoo! I realize I'm not a 16, but boy was that fun! And the even better news, was that it was so much more affordable than Lane Bryant. Sure, they had some expensive dresses, but some were actually pretty affordable. And the pants were $30-35 for the most part. That was AWESOME! The first pair I tried on were so great I couldn't believe it. I was having a hard time choosing what I really needed and what I could live without. I was on an extremely tight budget. I'm just not used to having so much to choose from. I was totally overwhelmed. I was in the dressing room so long, at one point, one of the ladies told another that I had left and they needed to clean out my dressing room. When they knocked and I answered, they were surprised. Oops. I ended up only getting the pair of pants and a black cardigan so I felt really bad for what I left in the dressing room. But wow, it sure was nice to know that I finally have a place I can go and find clothes without breaking the bank too badly. AND, they even have LAYAWAY! What the??? Too great. I felt really good after that shopping trip. That was a new and strange and wonderful feeling.

Here's my dress! I'm also wearing the "Mom" necklace and earrings Casey gave me for Mother's Day. Please excuse his blue sno cone teeth. The bottom pic is Lexy and me going to Wicked.


I've Said it Before and I'll Say it Again

Shopping for plus size women is EXPENSIVE. I live in Texas and since it's May, it's getting warmer. Well, it's supposed to be, anyway. Even though today's high is only in the 50s. But, eventually, it will get warmer. And I have no warm weather clothes. Everything I own is either a sweater or long sleeve shirt. I rotate between 2 pairs of pants every single day. And I don't even get Casual Friday where I work so I don't get to throw a pair of jeans in the rotation. I would like to start wearing dresses because they just seem so simple and easy. However, I have noticed that being big, it's not as easy and comfortable as some women make it look. I have to wear Spanx with most dresses and that is SO not comfortable. Putting on Spanx is such a process. It takes 10-15 minutes to get the damn things on and once they're up, you can't even adjust them because they're so freaking tight. And you always need to adjust them because they're so twisted and bunched that they cut into your skin and are extremely painful. By the time you get them on, your hair is a limp mess, your makeup is smeared and you're all sweaty. So much for trying to feel pretty wearing a dress. And even if you get the things on, put on your dress and feel kinda good about yourself, once you start walking and HEAR your thighs rubbing together and feel the heat rising, you're pretty sure they're going to burst into flames at any moment and you KNOW everyone else around you can hear it, too, you don't feel so sexy anymore. And don't even get me started on trying to use the restroom once they're on. Who wants to have that party in the stall at work? Not me. And are they kidding me with the "pee hole" in them? How could a woman possibly pee through that thing? You might as well just pee all over yourself. And on top of all of that, a good pair of Spanx is almost $40. Why would I pay $40 just to torture myself with pain and agonizing embarrassment? You ever tried to put on a pair of Spanx in front of your husband? Don't do it. Your inner sex kitten will be sucked right out of you in an instant.

And I haven't even gotten to shopping for an actual dress. As I said, I would like to start wearing dresses because if I could just throw on a dress and go, it would save a lot of hassle. You only have to buy one garment and your whole outfit is done. Awesome, right? This weekend, my daughter and I are going to see Wicked and I really wanted to dress nice. I looked for a nice cocktail dress but the cheapest one I found is $82. I didn't want to spend that on a dress I'll only wear once. I realize most cocktail dresses are about this price, even in "regular" sizes. But "regular" size people can find cheaper alternatives. Plus size women, not so much. I went shopping with my daughter last weekend at JC Penney for some dresses for the summer and we found dresses for her for $15-$25. You can't find that for plus size people. I did find one dress I thought was really pretty and tried it on just for fun. I thought  it looked really pretty. Unfortunately, it was totally see through. What the hell? Are they kidding me? WHY??? So, I have been looking online at Lane Bryant and Dress Barn and the simple sundresses at LB are $69.50!!!! What??? How is that fair?? It's so ridiculous. The same style dress at JCP for "regular" size people was $15!!! It's an outrage. So, here I sit, in Texas, in May, in winter clothes. Oh, to be a "regular" size person again.