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I'm so happy that Chris Powell's show, Extreme Weight Loss, is back on. Man, I have been needing some serious inspiration and motivation and that is definitley what this show is all about. This season has been extremely motivating and uplifting. Last night was especially awesome. I must say I was extremely jealous of Cassandra. Not only did she have the whole house to herself when Chris came to stay with her the first three months (she was single and had no kids), but Chris had Rocco Dispirito come stay with them for seven days as well! Oh man, that's a whole lot of hotness in one house! Talk about some serious motivation to lose weight! If I had Chris Powell and Rocco Dispirito living in my house with me I might be able to learn a thing or two! And Rocco was so sweet and so flirty with Cassandra and just made her giddy like a shcool girl. And she just did so great and looked so hot at her reveal. She lost 175 pounds in one year! That's just crazy! And she also went river rafting and went to a speed dating event where she met a guy and went out on a date with him. I just think that is so great. It takes a lot of balls to do something like that, especially when your confidence is low. I realize she had lost some weight at this point, but she was nowhere near her goal and yet, she chose to start living life. Really living it. She stopped hiding out in her house eating herself into an early grave (which I am all to familiar with) and went out there and started living. It was very emotional and very motivational for me to see that. Thanks, Cassandra.

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Hey Rachyl,
I'm glad that Extreme Weight Loss motivates you. I think it is a great show, and the people who are show cased on that show are extremely inspirational. In that episode with Cassandra at the end she said that she used to look in the mirror and say I can anything I put my mind to, except lose weight. And at the end she said she didn't have to say that anymore and she told the kids in her school that if they work hard, than they can truly achieve their dreams, because she finally was able to achieve that big dream of hers. You have it in you to be an inspiration as well. Not good luck, but GREAT LUCK on your journey! Love yah!

August 29, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterDeborah

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