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Finally, A Good Shopping Experience!!!

So, Friday night I went to JCP to shop for a dress to wear to Wicked with my poor stepson in tow. Talk about a champ. He could have gone home and stayed with my husband, but he chose to go shopping with me instead. And he was a perfect kid the whole time. Not one whine or gripe or complaint out of this kid. I tried on a ton of dresses. Most of the 18s fit ok except for the shoulder and waist part, it was always too big. But I did find one dress I really liked. It wasn't what I wanted to wear to Wicked but I got it for work. And I found a pair of pants on clearance for $10 and a shirt on clearance for $5. The next morning I went to Dress Barn to see if I could find something more appropriate for Wicked. I found a BUNCH of stuff. I'm used to having to try on 50 things and maybe 1 will be a winner. At this place, I tried on 50 things and about 40 were winners. I was pretty amazed. I even had to try on a size 16 in one of the dresses! Woohoo! I realize I'm not a 16, but boy was that fun! And the even better news, was that it was so much more affordable than Lane Bryant. Sure, they had some expensive dresses, but some were actually pretty affordable. And the pants were $30-35 for the most part. That was AWESOME! The first pair I tried on were so great I couldn't believe it. I was having a hard time choosing what I really needed and what I could live without. I was on an extremely tight budget. I'm just not used to having so much to choose from. I was totally overwhelmed. I was in the dressing room so long, at one point, one of the ladies told another that I had left and they needed to clean out my dressing room. When they knocked and I answered, they were surprised. Oops. I ended up only getting the pair of pants and a black cardigan so I felt really bad for what I left in the dressing room. But wow, it sure was nice to know that I finally have a place I can go and find clothes without breaking the bank too badly. AND, they even have LAYAWAY! What the??? Too great. I felt really good after that shopping trip. That was a new and strange and wonderful feeling.

Here's my dress! I'm also wearing the "Mom" necklace and earrings Casey gave me for Mother's Day. Please excuse his blue sno cone teeth. The bottom pic is Lexy and me going to Wicked.

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